• How do I disconnect and reconnnect a 48v battery cable?

1. Place ignition key in the off position, shifter lever in the neutral position, park brake applied.

2. Remove main negative cable (battery #6 neg.) then main positive cable (batter #1 pos.) MUST BE IN THAT ORDER.

3. Turn ignition key on, place shifter lever in reverse, depress accelerator pedal slowly all the way to the floorboard. Hold pedal down until reverse buzzer quits buzzing, plus an additional 15 seconds, release accelerator pedal. Place shifter level in neutral, shut key off, apply park brake.

4. Now you may remove the rest of the battery cables from the 48 volt system, or do any other work on the electrical system.

5. When reinstalling the battery cables, install all jumper cables first, then the main positive. (#1 pos.) and last the main negative (#6 negative).

• What fuel do I use with my gas car?

DO NOT USE ETHANOL. If you are buying a cart equipped with 4-cycle, please use unleaded, 87 octane gasoline. Additionally, if you are buying a 2-cycle equpped cart (some EZ-GO’s), then mix 1 ounce of 2-cycle oil with 1 gallon of unleaded 87 octane gasoline.

• What servicing do you perform on your carts?

On all our Club Car gas carts, we have done these basics before we present them for your consideration: Changed oil with Quaker State 10w-30 (42 ounces), changed oil filter, cleaned or changed the air filter, replaced the spark plug, greased joints, aired tires, inspected battery, and charged, filled, or replaced it if necessary. The cart you are considering buying from us today might have had even more done for it than this, but you can be sure we have done at least these basics before we put it on the lot.

• Does your website show your entire inventory?

Because we sell many carts quickly and are always adding more to our lot, we often have more carts in stock than are listed on our website. We can also order in carts that fit your specific needs. Call us if you are looking for a cart that is not shown on our site.

• How do I go about purchasing accessories for my cart?

Call us. We have a full line of accessories available to you that are not necessarily shown on our website.

Contact us today trough Email or Phone!